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What we do

One to 4 uses unique technology to provide just-in-time metro delivery services. 

We deliver small quantities (1 to 4 tonnes) to save space on your site.

We can unload on site with an all-terrain fork!

We specialise in 1 to 4 tonnes

We deliver 1 to 4 tonnes using light commercial vehicles. 

We are bigger than a ute but smaller than a heavy truck.  No more big trucks to deliver just a pallet or two, this means:​

  • Better access to sites.

  • Less weight so less damage e.g. no cracked concrete!

  • Longer packs - we can handle up to 3.5 linear metres.

Keep big trucks out of your suburb and on the highway.


We Unload

If it can be unloaded with a forklift, and weighs less than 1.2 tonne per lift, we can unload your materials using our all-terrain fork

Our forklet is small enough to deliver into your garage.

Rough (or all) terrain equipment helps us get to most areas of a site, as long as we have access that is at least 2 metres wide.

Stop your site being a storage facility - get your materials just in time.


Our overarching mantra on safety is "No shortcuts! Do your job right, it will be safe!" 

The combinations we use are exempt from Chain of Responsibility (CoR).  We still agree with the CoR methodology:

influence = responsibility.

We focus on safety systems, staff training, and SWMS development because it makes good business sense!

Stack of dossiers
Driving Test Report

Our People

One to 4 recruits people who want to become truck drivers. 

The focus is on developing, and providing experience to, talented young drivers focused on a career in transport.

Our drivers are supported via direct access to experienced transport managers and HR specialists.  Drivers undergo training to do the  job safely and are given tools to be the best they can be!   Management is not the direction of things, but the development of people.


If you would like to know more about how , and empower excellence, feel free to email us!

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